Our Cold Buffet Menu
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Cold Buffet
Price/ person
We do sell just the sandwich tray

De-lite size pita or croissant $4.25 per/each
single scoop potato or macaroni salad
$2.50 per/scoop
Assorted mini pita tray (55 count $69.95)

Choice of salad to included with the
package order for 10-Guest is only one
salad, 20 and over 2- salad


Home-made potato salad
Macaroni salad
Pasta salad
Tossed green salad
Caesar salad
Romaine w/ ranch, spinach and mandarin
orange salad
Winter-pear salad
South of the border tossed salad
Red potato dill salad

Dressing choices:  Ranch, Italian, Raspberry
balsamic, Greek balsamic, Caesar dressing

Italian Touch - Seasoned fresh
baked roasted garil focassia bread
filled with assortment of meats &
cheese.  Grilled chicken teryaki &
grilled vegetables.  Lettuce and
tomatoes.  Your choice of two
salads fresh fruit platter.

Note:  Please pre-order in advance.
The Wrap Connection - Colorful &
zesty tasting wraps filled w/ an
assortment of meat
and cheese &
sauce,  choice of two
fresh fruit platter.
The Lunch Box - Minerva's
signature p
ita bread stuffed w/a
variety of fillings
, turkey, ham and
cheese, roasted beef, tuna and
.  Fruit cup, home-made
potato cup or macaroni cup,
home-made cookies and bottle
The Lite Touch - Assorted buttery
croissants stuffed w/a variety of
and cheese, lettuce &
tomatoes.  Choice of two salad,
fresh fruit salad.
Minerva Special - Assorted fresh
bake home-made pita bread stuffed
with a variety of meat, roasted
turkey, black forest ham, roasted
beef or pastrami w/ lettuce and
.  2- choice of salad.  
Fresh fruit salad or platter pina dip
is upon requested.
Upgraded Salads for Cold Buffet Menu

(Below is the following upgraded salad
substitute to any salad menu.  Price listed is
$2.75 per person
Gourmet Sandwich Bar - This
gourmet upgraded version of the
deluxe is filled with an assortment
meat platter, assorted gourmet
cheese platter served with deluxe
conditment platter and pickle and
perperchin tray.  Assorted of breads
included the pita breads choice of
2- salad, fresh fruit salad or platter

Cheese Tortellini & anti-pasto
Chop salad with fresh
Spinach and strawberry salad
tossed cranberry salad w/
crumble feta cheese
Grilled veggie salad w/ honey
tequila dressing

Any kind of salad is upon
$2.75 per
A taste of Italy - Fresh roasted
garlic, basil, tomatoes & cheese
baked focassia bread goes great
with this deluxe salad bar.  An
assortment of meats, cheese,
dressings & Fruit salad w/Pina
colada dip.
Cold Buffet and Upgraded Salads