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Beef Roundup - The follow chicken and beef selections accompanie by your choice of rice pilf, roasted
potato, or plain pasta w/ saurce, seasonal fresh steam veggie, tossed salad and fresh baked rolls w/
butter on side.
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Something Different
Price / Person
Middle Eastern Buffet - Our
specialty!! A mix buffet
home-made hummos, falafels and
served with assorted conditment
and our home-made signature pita
bread middle eastern tossed salad
w/ crumble balsamic dressing.
The Baked Potato Bar - Create your
own potato masterpiece.  Choose
any of the following:  Shredded
salsa chicken, Chili w/beef, or
and cheese, sour cream,
dice green onion, and shread fine
cheese tossed green salad w/
dressing, fresh fruit salad, butter
and rolls
Beef Roundup
Price / Person
Mark Grilled Marinated Tri-Tip -
w/ home-made jack daniels
sauce or, BBQ sauce
Grilled beef  - These nice trim
beef with assorted veggie
grilled to perfection and choice
of teryaki sauce or bbq sauce
or garlic sauce.